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Thirteen thousand years ago, the only strip of land connecting Europe, Africa, and Asia with the New World continents of North and South America disappeared beneath the frigid waters of the Bering Sea.

Many millennia later, in 1975, a US Apollo spacecraft docked with a Soviet Soyuz vehicle in the midst of the Cold War, showing that neither physical distance nor the specter of global war could hold back our desire for peace and cooperation.

Now, in a new precarious age, with diplomatic expulsions and trade wars, it is time to revisit the humble Bering Strait. It is here that, under the sea, a rail tunnel can unite the great powers of Russia, China, and the United States toward a common goal, even as uncertainty reigns elsewhere. Indeed, it would not only provide a chance for peace, but prosperity, as the Bering Strait tunnel is projected to handle more than 3% of the world's freight, at lower economic and environmental costs. The Beringia currency, therefore, has been created to help fund this tunnel and work for a more interconnected world.


Kenneth R Chester Jr,
Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Ken is the founder of CultureMesh, a social networking platform for global diaspora populations, which is currently used by several embassies seeking to better serve their citizens living abroad. Ken is also an advisor to Manna, a globally distributed universal basic income (UBI) cryptocurrency administered by the People’s Currency Foundation.

Laura Wei, Co-Founder/International Growth Strategist

Laura is a serial entrepreneur who has created several cross-border technology companies. After several years of "making the world a better place" in Silicon Valley, she moved east to begin an MBA program at Cornell University, followed by a Master's in Computer Science at the university's new Cornell Tech campus in New York City.

You, Co-Founder

You are passionate about connecting the world, quite literally. When someone says "impossible," you hear "an interesting challenge," and get to work toward the solution. A cryptocurrency to dig under the Bering Strait, with blockchain technology to revolutionize global shipping? You say "where's my shovel?"


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